About WPDesigns

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Who are WPDesigns?

Hi, I am Josh and I run WPDesigns. At WPDesigns we aim to provide secure, high quality, fast loading websites at a fair price to you and your business. The sites we create are custom built from the ground up using WordPress CMS as the foundation and we often use Elementor Pro to build the site structure.

I operate WPDesigns from my office and works alongside Sham. Together we make sure all the projects are completed to the highest standard and meet all the criteria and needs given.  If we have some Graphic Design work we’ll work with Tarik too in order to work as a trio and complete the job successfully.

Our Team

Meet the WPDesigns team

We work together to achieve the website you want. Each of us has our own skillset which contributes to the synergy of the team, allowing us to find solutions and to complete sites together.

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Specialising in Elementor Pro, Josh can manipulate it to fulfil almost any solution. Combining Elementor with HTML and CSS allow it to be as varied and adaptable as anything else out there.

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Web Design & Development

Sham is a skilled coder and developer whose skills allow him to look deep into the PHP code of WordPress. He is also proficient in HTML, CSS and currently learning and improving his JavaScript knowledge.

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Tarik is a creative logo designer, who creates imaginative and professional logos often using the negative space to create images.