Recommended image sizes for WordPress

Recommended Image Sizes For WordPress

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Using the correct image size is very important as this will help to reduce load times, reduce space taken on the server, allow the user to view the intended image rather than just a section and reduce bounce rates.  I recommend using Gimp to get the image scaled to the correct size.

These sizes are not suitable for every site, but if you use standard sizes then these are optimum. All the below sizes are in pixels (px).

  • Blog post – 833×450
  • Product image – 400x400px
  • Hero landing image – 1920x1080px.
  • Favicon – 512x512px
  • General Post/ Page Image – Only add an image that fits the needs of the post, for example, if you wish to add a small image (600x300px) in your Post/ Page then there is no need for the image you compress and upload to be 1000x500px

What Else Should I do With my Images?

Having the correct image size is more than half the battle! You will also need to make sure that you compress and reduce the image size as much as possible all while maintaining the highest quality possible. To do this I recommend using Gimp to resize and Optimizilla to compress.  You can read the guide on WordPress Image Optimisation and compression for how to use it.

If you have any questions or need some advice feel free to get in touch with us at WPDesigns.

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