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How to Easily Duplicate a Page in Elementor

Easily Duplicate a Page in Elementor
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In this WPDesigns article, we will discuss how can Easily Duplicate a Page in Elementor.

Many people who decide to create a website on their own may run into a common issue, which is figuring out how to duplicate a page in WordPress. In fact, duplicating pages in WordPress is not difficult at all, and almost everyone can do it. It reduces the need to perform several routine tasks. In Elementor, there are two ways to duplicate a page. We’ll go through those two strategies for duplicating pages in Elementor. So let’s take a look at both choices so you can find out which one is better for you.

Easily Duplicate A Page In Elementor
Easily duplicate a page in Elementor

Step - 1: Using Elementor Save As Template Option

To duplicate a page with Elementor, go to your dashboard and open the page with Elementor that you want to duplicate. Then, on the left bottom side, click on the arrow icon next to the update button. You’ll see a dropdown menu with the option to Save As Template in it. Simply click on it, and a popup will appear. Simply give it a name and then save it. It will then be saved as a template.

Build a new page and open it in Elementor now. Then, beside the + icon, click on the add template icon. Following that, a popup will appear in front of you. Click on My Templates tab to see all of your saved templates. After you’ve found the template you want to use, press the Insert button. After that, you’ll notice that all of the content will appear here. So, press the publish button. So, using Elementor, you simply duplicate a page.

Save As Template Option
Save as template option
How To Save A Template In Elementor
How to save a template in Elementor
Add Template Icon
Add template icon
How To Import Save Template
How to Import save template
Final View Of Duplicating Template
Final view of duplicating template
Copy All Page Content From The Drag Widget Here Box
Copy all page content from the drag widget here box
Paste Content In A Blank Page
Paste content in a blank page

Step - 2: Copy and Paste

To duplicate a page with Elementor, go to your dashboard and open the page with Elementor that you want to duplicate. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and right-click on the “Drag widget here” box, then select “Copy All Content” from the drop-down menu.

Then create a new page and use Elemetor to open it. Then, on the blank page, right-click on the “Drag widget here” box and select “Paste.” And you’ll find that the entire contents of the page will appear here. Then press the publish button.

As a consequence, this is the simplest way to duplicate a page.

Step - 3: How to Duplicate a Page Using Plugin

Duplicating a page is also possible with the free Yoast Duplicate Post plugin. To get the plugin, click on the link and download it.

Let’s take a look at how to use a plugin to duplicate any page.

Install the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin in your WordPress dashboard. Then click Pages > All Pages from the left-hand menu. Then choose the page you want to duplicate. To duplicate the page, choose the clone or new draft option. That’s it how we can duplicate page using plugin.

Install Yoast Duplicate Post
Paste content in a blank page
How To Clone Using Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin
How to clone using Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin
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