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How to Easily Copy and Paste in Elementor

Easy Copy and Paste in Elementor
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In this WPDesigns article, we will discuss how can Easily Copy and Paste in Elementor.

Elementor has a feature that allows you to copy and paste styles, objects, columns, and widgets in a single click. You’ll be shocked by how quickly this feature can speed up your workflow and save you a lot of time and effort during the design process once you try it.

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How to Copy Any Widget, Content, Column or Section

To start, go to your dashboard and open the page with Elemetor. Simply right-click on the widget, content column, or section you want to copy, and a dropdown menu will appear. Select the copy option, and the element will be copied.

Copy Any Element Of The Page
Copy any element of the page
Paste Any Widget Or Element
Copy any element of the page

How to Paste Any Widget, Content, Column or Section

You must first copy any element before pasting it. So, after copying an element, go to the location of the page where you want to paste it, right click, and select paste from the dropdown menu. The element will then appear in this place.

How to Copy and Paste an Entire Section With Content

To make your work easier and save time, you can easily copy any section from a page or post and paste it anywhere. To do so, simply right-click on the section you want to copy and select Copy from the dropdown menu. You can now paste it anywhere you want on the site. You may also copy and paste the section into other web pages. Simply open the page in Elementor and right-click on the drag widget here box; the paste option will appear. Simply press the paste button, and the section will be pasted here.

Copy Entire Section With Contents
Copy entire section with contents
Duplicate Any Element
Duplicate any element

How to Copy Any Element of Elementor Using Duplicate

You can also use Elementor to duplicate any element. Simply right-click on the element you want to duplicate, and the duplicate option will appear. Simply click the duplicate button, and the element will be duplicated.

How to Copy and Paste Style of Any Element in Elementor

If you want to copy the style of any element of your website and want to paste it on other element without changing the content you can do it easily in Elementor. Just right click on the element you want tot copy the style and then choose copy from the dropdown. After that to paste the style go to the element of the page you want to paste style then just right click on the element and then from the dropdown choose paste style and it will paste the style without changing the content of the element.

Copy Element To Paste Only Style Of The Element
Copy element to paste only style of the element
Paste Style In Any Element
Paste style in any element
Copy All Page Content From The Drag Widget Here Box
Copy all page content from the drag widget here box
Paste Content In A Blank Page
Paste content in a blank page

How to Copy All Content Of the Page

If you want to, you can easily copy the entire content of any page. Simply open the page with the Elemetor you want to copy and scroll down to the bottom. Then you’ll see a drag widget box here. Right-click the box, then pick Copy All Content from the dropdown menu. As a result, everything will be copied from the page. After that, to paste it, simply build or open a page with Elementor, then right-click on the box and paste it as you did before. You’ll note that all of the page’s content will appear here.

In Conclusion on How to Copy and Paste in Elementor

Using the copy and paste ability in Elementor will not only save you time, potentially hours but it also allows you maintain a standard of formatting throughout the page and different elements.  Having a good command of the different styles of copy and paste will give you an advantage when creating your Elementor website.  The next level of this is using the global colors and fonts, these allow you to change the entire site with a single click.

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