FBA Multi-Tool Web Site Design Portfolio

FBA Multi-Tool Project Portfolio

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FBA Multi Tool is an app used by Amazon FBA sellers to help them choose the correct product. They can view various product details to help with this. The website was designed to have an interactive background and the video that can be played on the mockup laptop, the other pages follow a similar presentation and layout to that of the main page ensuring a continuous flow and theme on the site.

Design Features

The website design for FBA Multi Tool was based around an existing website that was adapted, reconstructed and integrated into WordPress. The visitors to the website are brought onto the site with the interactive background that can be adjusted and played with through the mouse. This engages users with something different, the background also brings the idea of technology through the use of the points and lines all linking and combining together.

After the background, the video embedded in the frame of the laptop is used to engage with visitors and explain to them how the App works and can help them out. The FBA Multi Tool App can be seen working on the page through the use of a GIF. The GIF animates on the FBA Multi Tool page and shows the visitor some of the features and actions that can be carried out.

Example of The FBA Multi Tool GIF

FBA Multi Tool PL Detector GIF



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