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Change WordPress Post Featured Image

Change WordPress Post Featured Image
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The WordPress Way to Change a Featured Image​

WordPress allows you to change your post featured image with relative ease. If you are also using Elementor then there is a second way, I will show you the classic way to start and the Elementor way below.

The first step is to ensure you are in your WordPress Dashboard and select “Posts”. Once you can see your posts select the post you wish to add the new featured image for.  In this case I will add it to this post “Change WordPress Post Featured Image”.

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Change WordPress Post Featured Image

On the post screen, you can look to the right and see this menu bar – if you cannot make sure to click the cog icon in the top right of the screen next to the publish button. 

From there you will see “Featured Image” near the bottom and simply click there.

Change WordPress Post Featured Image

With the “Featured Image” tab open you can click the empty box (or current image if there is one).  This will open your Media Library.

Change WordPress Post Featured Image

Either select the image you have currently in your media library or drag it from your computer files to upload it.  It is worth trying to make sure that you keep all your post images the same size to make sure they are uniform throughout the site.  If you have a previous post, find the image used there and make sure the new image has the same dimensions. My blog post images are always 833×450 so it is recommended to find a size that works for your site and stick to it.  833×450 is a good standard blog post size.  If you need to see more recommended image sizes for WordPress you can read about those too.

The Elementor Way to Change a Featured Image​

The Elementor way is slightly different but still allows the other way to be used. The choice is yours.

First, you need to select your post as per the other step.  If you have already created the post in Elementor, it needs to be opened in the Elementor Editor.

With the post selected, you will be able to open it with Elementor. Click the Edit with Elementor button.

Change WordPress Post Featured Image

Once the Elementor Editor has loaded you’ll need to click the small Settings icon in the bottom left of the screen near the Publish button.

From here click the “Featured Image” area and it will open up your Media Gallery and you can select and add the image that you’d like to change it to.  As per my suggestion for the standard way to do it, make sure your image size matches the others that you use on the site or find a size that works for you and stick to it.

After you have selected the appropriate image click Update to save your changes.

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