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Rocket mule logo on a white background.

Rocket Mule

Rocket Mule is a business created by Mandeville high school student who did not want to work the typical student jobs.  He had the idea to use his truck and trailer to take away the trash, make drop-offs, and have it be generally useful for any purpose throughout his neighborhood and surrounding area.

His dad runs a branding business for restaurants was the perfect partner to get things going.  The logo was designed, the truck and trailer branded, and the website underway.

A website design for a moving company.

The Problem

George's Dilemma

  • George needed a simple website in order to present himself, his truck, and the services offered by Rocket Mule.
  • Allowing people to check the website, and see what he does is key.
  • An easy way to contact Rocket Mule as and when needed.
  • The website also needs to be able to expand and grow as the company does.  Rocket Mule will need to be able to add to the information on the site through new text, images, pages, and posts.
A computer screen displaying a website for a trucking company.

The Solution

What WPDesigns Did

A computer screen with the words welcome to rocket league on it.
  • The Rocket Mule website will use the WordPress CMS. This will allow George to have the single-page site he currently needs and be able to grow and develop the site as his business grows and develops.
  • People can get in touch using the contact form on the page, this will allow visitors to send a message with their request and Rocket Mule to get back to them.
  • Anchor links will be used to allow quick and easy navigation on the website.  People can click and move easily through the page.

The Launch


Eco Bulb


Blue Print

Planning & Mockup

Web Design & Development


Website Hosting


The Result


  • A custom-created design just for Rocket Mule, no out-of-the-box template (All WPDesigns sites are bespoke to each project).
  • George can expand the site as he needs, add new content, pages, and posts.
  • A short series of videos were created to explain how to keep the site up-to-date and how to move forward with what he needs in the future.

The Review

What George Says...

Rocket mule logo on a white background.
a person posing for the camera


Rocket Mule


Excellent work as usual. Timely, professional and goes above and beyond. Cheers! Will use again!

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