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Adding a Simple Product to Woocommerce

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Adding a simple product to Woocommerce is similar to writing a blog post in WordPress.

  1. To do this WooCommerce > Products > Add Product. If you have used WordPress previously then you should recognise some of the features and functionality.
  2. Enter your chosen product Title and Description into the relevant fields.  Take note that the top description box is for the for full description and appears beneath the product image.
  3. Once you have added these go to Product Data panel, where you will need to decide if it is a normal (shippable) product or a digital downloadable or virtual (service).  If you are not sure then it is most likely a standard product.
Add a Simple Product to Woocommerce

Note: If you select it to be a virtual product then it will not include or calculate any shipping costs.

Product data

The product data box is an important one not to miss and is where most of the important information regarding the product is added.

Woocommerce managed product data

General section

In the general section it is based around pricing and tax.
  • Price
    • Regular Price – The normal price at which you would like to sell your product.
    • Sale Price – The discounted rate at which you would like to sell your product.  You can configure sales to run from and expire on certain dates.
  • Tax
    • Tax status – Taxable / Shipping only / None.
    • Tax class – You can choose the class of tax that needs to be added to your product.

Inventory section

If you carry only a certain amount of stock then this needs to be entered here, you can also define whether to allow people to order products as back orders.  You can put products as out of stock and allow people to purchase only one of the product per order.

Enable Stock Management – If nothing is selected then no stock level is added and it is assumed as unlimited.

If you choose not to enter the products stock and you sell out, then you will need to manually change the stock status.

Woocommerce disable simple product stock management

When stock management is enabled you are given some extra options

  • Stock Quantity – With this added Woocommerce will automatically upate stock information and add back orders if allowed.
  • You can choose if you would like to Allow Backorders.
  • Low stock threshold – By adding this number Woocommerce will let you know once you have hit it.
  • Sold Individually – This will limit to the product to one per order.
Woocommerce Simple Product Inventory

Shipping section

The shipping section can be easy, or get complicated depending on how many options you wish to add and how you would like to calculate the shipping.
  • Weight – You can add this for each product and variation (if you have them).
  • Dimensions – The classic – Length, width and height measurements.
  • Shipping Class – If you have many similar items that all fall under the same shipping price you can add them as a class.
Woocommerce simple product shipping data

Linked Products section

Even when adding a simple product to Woocommerce it is important to make sure you remember your up-sells and cross-sells.  Up-sells and cross-sells are a great way to show customers other items they may be interested in.  Think of the car rental and hotels they offer you when you book a flight.  You can add them to your products in Woocommerce using the dropdown list:

Using up-sells and cross-sells, you can cross promote your products. They can be added by searching for a particular product and selecting the product from the dropdown list:

Woocommerce linked product

After you select the up-sell or cross-sell, they are added to the list:

Woocommerce linked product added

Up-sells and Cross-sells are similar but appear in different places.  Up-Sells appear on the product page and are often a better version or an upgrade of the product that someone is looking at.  This is used to encourage people to pay more and buy something “better”.

Woocommerce Upsells

Cross-sells would be displayed with the cart and would be related to the users cart contents.  For example if the user is looking at buying a games console then perhaps they would like to purchase this popular game title too.

Grouping – Grouping brings similar products together than can be bought individually or as a pack (group). Wine glasses could fall into this type as they are available individually and also as a pack of 6 or 12.

Attributes section
Attributes are an important part of creating and adding a product.  You can assign a product an “Attribute” which will allow in to appear in searches or create variable products using its attributes.  Learn more about attributes at: Managing Woocommerce Product Categories, Tags and Attributes.

Advanced section
Purchase note – After the customer has purchase a particular product they can be sent a note with specific information and details.

Menu order – You can set the priority for the product in the menu.

Enable Reviews – Reviews of your product can be enabled or disabled depending.

Simple Product Short Descriptions

Graphics 14

Add an excerpt. This typically appears next to product imagery on the listing page, and the long description appears in the Product Description tab.

Video embeds (oembed) may be used, as of version 3.1x.


On the right-hand side of the Add New Product panel, there are product categories in which you can place your product, similar to a standard WordPress post. You can also assign product tags in the same way.

Woocommerce product categories and tags

Product images

Add a main product image and a gallery of images. More at: Adding Product Images and Galleries.

Having a good product image is vital to the success of the product, people will often be lead by the images and a product with a poor or non-existent product is not going to sell.

Learn more about product images at Adding Woocommerce product images.

Setting catalog visibility options and feature status

In the Publish panel, you are able to set the Catalog Visibility for your product.

Woocommerce catelogue visibility
  • Shop and search – This option will allow the product to be visible everywhere throughout the site.
  • Shop only –The product will be visible in the shop and in the category pages but will not appear in the search results.
  • Search only – As it says, this product will only be available in the search results and will not appear in the shop or category pages.
  • Hidden – This will hide the product from everywhere expect its individual product page.

If you would like the product to be featured in the product categories, up-sells, related products and set as a featured product.

Setting up a simple product is one of the “simpler” products to set up.  Make sure you go through and add in everything you need and you should find that you have got a working, functioning product in a matter of minutes.


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