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Add Edit and Delete Pages in WordPress

Add, edit and delete pages in WordPress
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Being able to add, edit and delete pages on your WordPress website is a great place to start with your WordPress website updates and changes.

NOTE: Before making changes of any form to your website it is highly recommended to create a backup of the website which will cover you should anything go wrong.  You can learn how to do this in our article Easily Backup Your WordPress Website With


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Adding a New Page to Your Website

Add new page in WordPress
Navigate to Pages then Add New

To create a new page on your website you will need to start from the WordPress Dashboard.  On the left of the page you have the menu with lots of options and you will need to hover over Pages then select Add New.

Once the page loads you will be able to add your new title and name it as you like.

Add your new page title
Save Draft or Publish WordPress Page
Save a Draft or Publish the Page.

After you have added your new page title you have the choice whether you want to publish the page straight away or save it as a draft.

If your site is already live and online then I would recommend save it as a draft and work on it through there, if it is still being built and not viewable to the public then you can jump straight in and publish it.

Whether you choose to create your page with Elementor by clicking on Edit with Elementor or start typing directly on the page and using the standard Gutenburg editor you have essentially created a page, but now it needs to have content added.  Adding the content will take some time and it is always recommended to try and keep the same style and feel as you have on your other pages.

The simplest way to add content to your new page on your WordPress website is to use Gutenburg but it can be very restrictive in what you can achieve, I would highly recommend using Elementor.

Edit with Elementor or start with Gutenburg

Edit a Page

Editing pages in WordPress is simple and easy to do.

Already Edited With Elementor
If you've created or edited the page in Elementor click the Edit with Elementor option

If you have not previously edited the page with Elementor it will be missing this option.

 When it comes to editing a page in WordPress you need to go to Pages and then hover over the page you wish to edit.  If you have had the page edited in Elementor before then you can click directly on Edit with Elementor, if not then you can click the page title or on Edit.

Select Edit with Elementor to open it in Elementor or use the Gutenberg editor

If you clicked Edit with Elementor then you will be taken directly to the Elementor editor.

If you would like to edit with Elementor you can click the Edit with Elementor, alternatively, you can change your page from here using the Gutenberg editor.

Deleting a Page

If you no longer need a page on your website you are able to delete it.  It is not a great thing to delete a page but it is sometimes needed.

From Pages you can hover over the page you wish to remove and click Trash.  Once you have done that the page will disappear but it is not completely gone from, only visibly.

Deleting WordPress Page
Click Trash to delete your page
Trashed WordPress Page
Go to the trash to recover or permanently delete your page

Your newly deleted WordPress website page has now been added into the trash, this contains all your deleted pages and there are similar trash folders for posts and products when you start working on them.

If you would like to gain access to this page again you can click on Trash to access your trashed pages.

In your trash folder you can see the pages that have been deleted.  You will have a couple of options to what you can do with these pages.

  • Restore – If you decide you need the page back you can easily restore it to how it was.
  • Delete Permenently – As it says, clicking this option will remove the page completely from your site and make it unrecoverable.
Restore or delete your page from the trash

Once you have mastered how to Add, Edit and Delete Pages in WordPress you can find further guides and details on how to make changes and edits on your WordPress website by checking out the WPDesigns WordPress Website Guide.

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