Choosing a professional email address

3 Rules For Choosing A Professional Email Address

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A professional email address is critical for business and professional users.  Having a custom email address ending in your own domain name not only builds trust with customers but also results in a better brand reputation, and over time, increased sales.  To help you out we have included the three main rules when choosing a professional email address.

Rule #1

Always use your own domain

It may seem obvious but using your business domain is key to having a professional email address. An email sent from a standard Gmail or outlook domain will always look less genuine and legitimate than a custom one.
For an email to appear professional it should use your own domain linked with something equally as thought out such as or This will keep in line with looking better than

Why Use your own domain?

Businesses should use their own domain for several reasons from creating a professional and trustworthy appearance to maintaining brand continuity across the entire company.  Emails that use custom domains are also more memorable.

Here are five reasons to use your custom email :

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  1. Professional first impressions – A professional email address gives your business a professional and genuine look, this helps to ensure that the public and clients will take you more seriously.
  2. Consistent Branding – Being consistent across the entire company and through each department is key and email plays a large role in that. If every employee had a separate email without any cohesiveness then potential clients may end up lost in a sea of random emails, unsure who they are from and having to double-check the legitimacy every time. If every employee had then any emails sent would appear to flow and move better with a continuous motion for the client.
  3. Gain Trust – By presenting your business in a thought out, consistent manner it won’t necessarily ensure you create a client or a sale but it will stop them from leaving due to a mild confusion, the more people question things, consciously or unconsciously the more likely they will leave. If everything flows and leaves no doubt it is better overall
  4. Increased brand awareness – since your professional email uses your domain name, every time an email is sent, you built a small amount of brand awareness.
  5. Control – Having all the business emails contained in one place gives a much better sense of control over the email accounts. This means storage limits and allowances can be set from here and also passwords can be reset.

We offer professional email addresses from £1.99 per month.

Rule #2

Use a standard email format

With a custom domain name comes great responsibility… in the form of choosing the username! The username is the first portion of the email address which acts as the identifier.  This section of the email address is the display name in the inbox. It is generally suggested that businesses select a username and display name format to use across all employee email accounts for continuity and to maintain organisation.

Tip :

When choosing a username format consider the size of your company. For example, usernames, such as just using first name or last name only are likely to have several members of staff with conflicting shared names – even in a relatively small company.

Rule #3

Create A General Email Address for your website

Having a general professional email address for your website means that you can receive emails from the general public and enquiries while being able to keep your personal professional email addresses for a more specific use such as following up on leads or emails clients directly. This not only helps to protect from any spam which might be sent out but also makes the experience for the client more personal and memorable.

If you would like to get in touch and purchase your own professional email we will be happy to help you out.


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