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WordPress Website Guide

Thank you for working with WPDesigns. I look forward to developing our relationship together and helping you with any website-related tasks or projects you may have now or in the future.  I have created this “WordPress Website Guide” to help you with some of the basics on your site, this will help you with logging in, backing up, adding to, updating and the basics of editing your site.

This is still a new guide and as such needs some refining in certain areas – this will come when I have enough free time.  If you need help on something I haven’t mentioned don’t hesitate to get in touch and I can give you an answer or point you in the right direction.  I would also love to hear from you if you have any suggestions of content to add to the guide that would be useful to you. You can contact me through contact@wpdesigns.co.uk, or through the WhatsApp Live chat. I will be looking to add a Woocommerce guide in the future.

Our Maintenance Packages

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If you prefer that we take care of everything you can checkout the maintenance packages.

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We offer professional support for your website to help you sort out any issues you may have, create pages, make edits, fix problems, find conflicts and speed issues etc. We offer support through either our Maintenance Packages or at an hourly rate. You can purchase a Maintenance Packages above or get in contact with us directly through our email or live chat to discuss the maintenance you need to have carried out.

If you have purchased hosting from WPDesigns then we can also sort out any hosting related issues. If you are not with one of our hosting packages we would suggest talking first to your hosting provider although we are happy to do this if you do not feel comfortable explaining the problem or understand what the issue is.

We want to ensure that your website stays online and maintains a pleasant end-user experience for you and your customers.