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WordPress Image Optimisation & compression

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Resize Your Image

Before compressing your image you need to ensure that it is the correct size.  If you compress an image that is over-sized it is never going to be as well optimized as an image that has been scaled and reduced before-hand.

To resize my images I generally use Gimp, this is a fantastic piece of open-source image editing software that can do almost anything you need.

If you haven’t downloaded and installed Gimp yet, you’ll need to do that before from following the steps in this video https://gimp.org.

Image Compressor Logo

At WPDesigns we aim to maintain the optimum user experience for your website.  In order for you to carry this on after the build is complete it is important to make sure your images are the correct size, correct format and also compressed as much as possible without losing the overall quality.  Before compressing the image you wish to add to the website it is important to ensure it is the correct size and format; if these two are not done then the image will not be as effectively compressed as it could be.

To optimise the images as best as possible I recommend using Optimizilla, this website allows to upload single or bulk images and strip them of the unnecessary data and information which therefore reduces the overall image size. The savings gained from this are often around 50 – 60% depending on the image.

How to use it?

To use Optimizilla follow these simple steps:

  1. Drag and drop the image(s) you wish to compress from your computer into the box on the website.
  2. Allow the image(s) to upload and be compressed.
  3. Once done you can either save them as a singular image file or download all of them in one go by hitting “Download All”.
  4. Open up your WordPress site and the media library.
  5. Drag and drop the newly compressed image from your computer Downloads folder to the Media Library and allow it to  upload.
  6. Add the image to the necessary image box or post.
  7. Enjoy your newly compressed image!

If you have followed the correct size guidelines, format guidelines and compressed your image then the website image should be good to go and as efficient as possible.


Our WPD CMS is a variation of WordPress that is has been optimised in order to allow our clients to streamline their user experience when managing their own website. This allows them to confidently navigate through the website without hesitation of causing major issues or breaking the site.  This also allows our clients to be autonomous with their website and it’s contents.  If you would like to learn more about the WPDesigns CMS we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


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