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Woocommerce Product Types

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Woocommerce product types are an obviously essential part of eCommerce and making sure you can get the correct product type is key.  If you want one model of a T-shirt to be available to be several different colors and sizes, you’ll need to set up a variable product rather than several simple products.

Woocommerce offers a large array of different product types to choose from.

Getting the correct product type is important and below I will explain the different types available.

  • Simple – Most of the products added to Woocommerce are going to be simple products, this obviously depends on the type of website.  A simple product has no options and is shipped. A good example of this could be a book.

  • Grouped – As with a group… a grouped product is a collection of related products that can be purchased individually but also available together. An example of this could be a set of wine glasses, you can buy one or you can buy 6, 12 etc.

  • Virtual – This is a product which is as it sounds, virtual.  A virtual product does not require any shipping, this could be something that is available only as an online service, such as purchasing a website.

  • Downloadable – This product type is great for those offering something such as an eBook or photo. The product type opens up some extra field types and provides the purchaser with a downloadable file, through a link, through an email or perhaps both.

  • External or Affiliate – You would list this item on your website but it is sold elsewhere. The link takes you to their site but registers that it was you who took them there so you gain your commission. 

  • Variable – This is a popular product type for clothing shops and is incredibly useful.  You may have your T-Shirt design in red, white, blue and small, medium and large but instead of creating an individual “Simple” product for each variation they can all be added under a single product.  The variable product also allows for product swatches which is a great feature on sites.

  •  Subscriptions – This is great as clients will pay monthly and repeatedly. This is not available as standard in Woocommerce and requires an additional plugin such as Woocommerce Subscriptions.


Selecting the correct Woocommerce product type is important and if you don’t there will likely be important fields that are missing and functions unavailable.


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