Website Design in Basingstoke

Website Design in Basingstoke

Need a new website for your Basingstoke based business?

Did You Know?

Basingstoke is often nicknamed “Doughnut City” or “Roundabout City” because of the number of large roundabouts.
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We are a web design company who specialise in website design in Basingstoke. We love taking on new challenges!  With collaboration in our core, we are ready to work with you to hand craft a beautiful website for you and your Basingstoke based business.  Our team is equipped with the knowledge skills and passion needed to get the job done no matter what the website you need. We look forward to talking with you and being able to discuss your project further.
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Our Websites are

Fast Loading

A fast loading website is going to ensure maximum conversion and a minimum amount of people leaving before it loads.


Having a website secured by a SSL certificate is going to give your clients confidence & allow Google favour your website over others that do not.


A website is important as is the first thing many clients see about your company, having a unique but practcal site is a good way to make a great first impression and a long lasting one.

Web Design & Development in Basingstoke

Our business is built on relationships and recommendations – it sounds cliche, but it is true.  We love to have repeat customers as it means our work was great and not just a sales pitch. We take your investment in your business’ website incredibly seriously.  We aim to keep on giving our clients who are looking for website design in Basingstoke the best wesite design solutions.  Our websites are handcrafted and user friendly while providing an innovative website that achieves all the criteria set out and actual results. Our professional team of website designers and graphic designers have been sharpening their skills and building sites with the latest and greatest technologies out there to help our clients achieve their goals . At WPDesigns we stay true to our ideals that cost effective website design and ecommerce solutions combined with great user experience, a solid foundation and intergrated features provides a fantastic website. We have built websites for a range of businesses local to Basingstoke and abroad providing professional and reliable website design.  We have helped businesses gain the competitive edge in their industry when it comes to website design all whilst providing unmatched personal attention and customer support.
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Basingstoke Web Design Industries

Since we opened our doors and first took on clients we have created websites for a wide range of clients in varying industries. We have had the opportunity to work with clients from the UK, America, South America, Asia and globally.
  • Business
  • Beauty
  • Blog
  • Directory
  • eCommerce
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Restaurants
  • Property Management
  • Security
  • Social Media
  • Many more…

Why WPDesigns?

We are an experienced and passionate team of professionals that live and breathe website design and development.  We aim to exceed your expectations and business requirements.  We are passionate about providing genuine and inventive website design around the local Basingstoke area and around the globe.



Designing websites is our passion and we aim to keep pushing the website design boundries. We love website design in Basingstoke and aim to keep working with local businesses.




Josh the owner and founder of WPDesigns was born locally to the Basingstoke area and can often be found cycling through Savernake Forest.




After numerous projects of web design and web development we are proud to maintain our reputation for client service and success.


Our Website Design Packages For Basingstoke Businesses


Engaging websites & optimised to Convert, we design & build websites that convert from the get go. With user needs in mind – we can ensure every visitors experience is relevant and engaging.

Mobile Friendly

Fast and friendly for all mobile devices. A large proportion of website traffic now comes from mobile devices, mobile is more important now to many companies than a traditional desktop site.

Fast To Load

Speed is an essential part of the modern user experience. Our websites are built to load fast using compressed resources, caching, CDNs, lazy loading & script consolidation.


With good technical build quality, we ensure our websites offer a great visual & responsive experience. Using the right technical approach, we ensure cross-browser compatibility during our design & build process.

Exceptional UX

Good user experience on the back of tested concepts. Our research helps us to produce beautifully designed websites that are functional.

Sell products

With a sound technical architecture & design, we combine UX with the latest in eCommerce interfaces & payment platforms.

Easy To Manage

We are Basingstoke Website Designers who know one thing - how important it is for people with less technical expertise to be able to add & edit their own website with a functional CMS.

Feature Packed

We build & design websites that are feature-packed to enhance visitor engagement and time on the website.


There is no one price fits all answer to this question, in reality each individual business has different needs and requires a different design, and componenets. We will design and develop a custom website specifically for your business.  We will ask a lot of questions in order to assess your needs and give you a price quote based upon that assessment. Please contact us at to get your own quote.


Our standard timeline to take your website from an idea to a finished website and live on the internet is between 2 - 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and the speed at which revisions and content are given to us.


Not at all! We work with clients across the globe and can communicate with you online via email, zoom, skype or even via a phone call.


Yes of course! Updating the site by yourself is part of the pleasure of operating a website.  We love it when a client takes control and learns to manage the content on their own website.  Once the site has been migrated you will have full access to the backend of the site and will be able to make changes to the text, images, new products and pricing all on your own.  However we do recommend a few areas and changes are completed by a professional developer such as plugin and theme updates, changes to the design and functionality.  We can provide tutorials on how to make these changes if you would like to learn or we can maintain the website for you through one of our maintenance packages.


Our basic package is aimed at simpler websites which are needed to display or explain about a company, they do not include eCommerce but they are fully functioning websites.  The basic package of web design is perfect for a business which is just beginning its journey and wants to get its foot on the internet.

Our Standard package aims to work for businesses that are of a medium size or a business that is starting out as an ecommerce business.  These sites offer more pages and are able to take your business to the next level, the standard package is perfect for anyone who wants to make an impression on the web and allow their company to grow and the site to grow along side it.

Our premium package contains all the features of both the basic and standard packages but also packs in many more features to the site. These are perfect for bigger businesses or eCommerce shops which large amounts of products or pages.


We offer a website maintenance service which includes website updates, security patches, plugin updates, theme updates, we are also able to update your website content and change text, images etc for you.

Every month we will email you a report about the work and upgrades that we have carried out to keep your site healthy and fully functional.

Dedicated support, speak with the same person each time and we will get to know your business and enable the website to stay inline with you.

Yes, we offer 3 different hosting packages which can be purchased monthly or yearly.

Definitely!  Having a mobile friendly website is a must for any website and mobile is only becoming an ever more popular way to surf the web.  We also ensure that your website is responsive on tablets too.

A lot! Your input and feedback is crucial to the successful development and build of your website.  We will begin the process with a lot of questions about your needs, your likes, your wants and work along side you to develop just the right style, design and functionalitiy.  As a major part of the process we require you to provide at least 2 other sites in order to help us understand exactly the style of site you are looking for. 

Throughout the process we look forward to recieving direction from you in order to help us achieve a high qulaity end result that is representitive of you and your business. 


We always think that it is best for you to supply the content for the website, who else knows your business better than you? We are able to help out on sections and create titles, sub titles etc but if you require a dedicated copywriter for the site this can be discussed when you contact us about the website.


Yes! We think WordPress is the most flexible and versatile content management system (CMS) available today.  WordPress runs about 42% of the websites online today and due to this fact is constantly being updated, advanced and allows for an incredibly diverse range of sites and is suitable for almost every industry.


We are only an email away ( and we are happy to help you as much or as little as you need.  We take pride in building long term business relationships with all of our clients and we look forward to work on any future projects you may have or just looking after and growing the website you have already.

Don't hesitate to get in contact with us and ask any questions you may have.


We are proud to say that we work with all types of business from small startups through to large ecommerce shops.  We are excited about the new ideas, thoughts and passion that new businesses have, along with the challenge of helping an existing established business with their latest site upgrade or new website design.


Stock photography is sometimes required for websites while they are sourcing or creating their own.  For this we use free stock images from websites such as Pexels and Unsplash.  Your assistance and direction will be needed in order to help us find the perfect images, photographs, graphics, vectors, or video for your website and brand.


We accept payment in the form of major credit and debit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and AMEX. We also accept the cryptocurrency Electoneum.


Contact us at with the details for your existing or new project , page breakdown, any sampe websites for reference. Upon reviewing this information we will be able to provide you with a quote for the website or schedule a call to discuss the project in further detail.


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Full Details For Our Basic Package

Our basic packages are built around the open-source WordPress platform, they are fully responsive to mobile, tablet and computer. The basic package is filled with features that allow you to get yourself up, online and giving you an online presence. This is a foundation that can be easily edited, added too and built upon as your site/ business grows and expands. The basic package is an excellent option for anyone looking to be visible online.

The Basic Package Contains

We have listed a few of the many features which can be found in our basic package:

Package Features

Website Features

Ecommerce features

Ecommerce features, such as having products or taking any form of online payment are only available in the standard and premium packages.


Full Details For Our Standard Package

Our standard website packages are built around the opensource WordPress platform, they are fully responsive whether viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile.  The standard package allows you to launch yourself into the world of online ecommerce. Getting your site set up can be daunting but we take care of that for you. You just need to concentrate on the content and products that will be filling your store. Whether you are thinking of staying small and cosy or intend to keep expanding your site as you grow, this is the perfect starting point.

The Standard Package Contains

We have listed a few of the many features which can be found in our Standard package:

Package Features

Website Features

Ecommerce Features

Details For Our Premium Package

The premium package allows your business to get online with everything it needs to make a strong and long lasting impression. The website will be responsive and look great viewed on any device. The package enables you to take your business down the eCommerce route or along a route which shows the strengths and personality of your business. With this package, your business is prepared for the moment and for the future as it continues to grow and develop.

The Premium Package Contains

We have listed a few of the many features which can be found in our Premium package:

Package Features

Website Features

Ecommerce features


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