WordPress Website Design Resources

A collection of website design resources for WordPress websites

We have collected together a selection of our favourite tools which we often use to help us create the websites. We have listed them here to help you out.

Design Tools

Gimp Logo


Gimp is our go-to image editing software, it is absolutely fantastic with everything it offers and extra to that it is opensource and free. There are updates and modifications to it from the community and it is constantly improving and gaining features.

Photopea Logo


A useful alternative to photoshop which allows you to use PSD templates.

Image Compressor Logo

Image Compressor

A very useful tool that enables you to reduce your file size of any image you want to upload to your site. This not only saves server storage space but will also help to speed up your website.

Convertio Logo


Convertio is a great way to change a file type. They only allow a certain amount of time on site before they start to charge or you have to wait and return another time.

Subtle Pattern

Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns is a useful site with a large variety of good looking patterns to add to a website to give it some variation.

Icon Libraries

Fontello Logo


A great selection of icons to use on your website and it also has a converter tool to make your own icon sets.

Font Awesome Logo

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is awesome and has a large selection of icon available to use. Perhaps the name is a little misleading though.

Flat Icon Logo

Flat Icon

Flat Icon has a great range of useful and professional icons and you can use a few for free although it can be a little restrictive it is still a useful resource. They offer you free use of their free icon selections.

Social Media

Later Logo


Later is a fantastic way to plan out your Instagram feed and it will auto-post the preplanned posts. It is compliant with the Instagram API so you are safe to use it without risking a ban.

Screen Capture



ScreenCast is a fantastic tool for support. If you need to take a screenshot and send it via a URL rather than a file upload this is a great way to do it.


DaFont Logo


They have a wide selection of free fonts to use for both personal and commercial projects. Ensure you get the correct licence before using the fonts though as not all fonts are created equal.

Stock Images

Unsplash Logo


Unsplash is a fantastic place to get completely free high-quality photographs. It works well for landscape and portraits of nature and natural beauty but not so well for tech and other areas. This is one of our favourite resources for images.

Pexels Logo


Pexels is a great overall resource for images and we often visit here for stock photography images.

Pixabay Logo


Pixabay has a great selection of stock photography and even has vectors and drawings to use for free.

Web Development Resources

W3 Code Logo

W3 Schools

W3 Schools is an excellent resource for help with HTML and CSS code. They have almost everything you can think of.

Free Code Camp Logo

Free Code Camp

An excellent place to learn code or to advance your skills... for free!

Code Editors

Atom Logo


When creating websites we base them around the Content Management System (CMS) that is used by around 60% of websites on the internet. This CMS is WordPress. Whilst we use WordPress as the basis of the website build we often use custom code to edit and manipulate the sections and styles that we need to. For the custom coding, we often use Atom as it is a great code editor.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry standard for analytics as they hold the majority of the data and send the vast proportion of search engine driven website traffic.

Spelling & Grammar

Grammarly Logo


Even if your spelling is grammar is good, it can nearly always be better. We often use Grammarly to double-check the spelling and grammar of our content and to make sure we are expressing what we want to say in the best way we can.

Website Testing

Pingdom Logo


Pingdom is a very useful way to see and check your website speed. You can view it in the waterfall chart to find any bottlenecks and issues that slow the site down.

GTMetrix Logo


GTMetrix is a great speed tool as it allows you to check for a range of issues and allows you to fix them and test again to see the progress and changes to your site.

Usernames & Passwords

Masterpassword.app Logo

Master Password

Our hands-down favourite password manager is Master Password. The idea behind it is not to store any data on a server or locally as with other password managers as this can be compromised and hacked. Master Password relies on cryptography to generate your passwords on the fly and can be used on multiple devices to generate the same passwords without the devices ever having been connected.