Standard Package




The standard package contains a decent-sized website, enough to continue or start your business on its online journey.

  • 5 Page Website – This is enough to cover – landing page, contact page, about us, a shop page or any other type of page that you’d like.
  • 5 to 7 days delivery – this will be from the start of the creation process, testing and then the finished product transferred to you.
  • 2 Months Support – We will make sure your website is still running and up to date, if you have any problems we will be there to help you with them.
  • Design Customisation – We will design the website for you and make it how you want.
  • Your Content Uploaded – We will use your photos, text and any of other content you wish to be uploaded, we can also use stock imagery if you are still in the process of collecting, gathering or creating your content.
  • Responsive Design – The website will change itself to suit the device it is being viewed on, be it mobile, tablet or PC.
  • 5 Section Front Page – All the different sections that make up the front page of the website, landing imagery, goals, aims etc.
  • Social Media Links – We will link your website to all your social media, through links in the header, links in the footer or even by adding a few widgets or links in the sidebar. Where you want them is up to you.
  • Secure SSL Encryption – A key part of the website that should be included as standard by all websites (but sadly isn’t), it protects all data that moves between you and the servers the data moves to.
  • e-Commerce Available – If you want to sell online then you need some e-Commerce functionality to your store. This includes product pages, a basket and checkout options.
  • 1 Checkout Method – This is up to you, using a system such as Stripe or Paypal is a good option as it covers multiple payment possibilities.
  • Up To 15 Products – What use is a store without something to sell – we’ll set up your store along with 15 of the products that you want to put in there (More can be purchased as an add-on).

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