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Layelle was designed to solve the issues that scarf-wearing women deal with on a day-to-day basis. It has been a long-lasting dream of Anna Adams to offer veiled women a fashion that combines modesty, femininity, and modernity. As a modest fashion enthusiast Anna, started Layelle as an idea for all you beautiful scarf lovers and turban queens.

The Challenge


Layelle offered all the sales through Etsy and wanted to have a website of their own, the website needed to be able to incorporate all the products and much of the functionality of Etsy.

The ability to print shipping labels, automatic shipping cost calculations, and swatch colors, patterns, and sizes for products were desired.

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The Approach


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The first stage of the project was to create a sitemap of the website and collect as much information about Layelle as we could in order to gain a good understanding of what is needed and what is required to make the website successful for Layelle. With the information gathered, a mock-up for the home page was created and revised. Once this was finalized the overall look and feel were confirmed and the construction and development of the site began.

The site was created on a WPDesigns custom template and utilized the product archives and payment functionality of Woocommerce. The functionality of label printing, swatches, and automatic shipping calculations were added and integrated as it is not natively available.

Services included:

  • Brand Discovery
  • UX Design
  • Project Planning
  • Prototypes
  • Design System
  • Wireframes
  • User Interfaces
  • Responsive Web
  • Design

The Launch


The site was launched successfully.

Eco Bulb


Blue Print

Planning & Mockup

Web Design &Amp; Development


Website Hosting


The Outcome


  • Customers can now checkout directly through the Layelle website rather than going through the Etsy site and losing a large commission to them.
  • Custom-created WordPress theme for Layelle.
  • Easy to add, edit, and update the site.
  • Simple process for adding in new projects, which are automatically included in the archives.
  • Clear and simple navigation on the site.
  • Products added to the website from Etsy and also easy to do in the future as needed.
  • Anna was able to track conversions, time onsite, cart abandonment, and where her customers were coming from with ease using the tools set up on the website.
  • Layelle is now able to access a global market and is no longer confined to the users on Etsy.  The Etsy market place is huge but the world wide web is bigger.
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