How to create WordPress user accounts

How to Create WordPress User Accounts

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To create a new user account you need to navigate to the left menu bar on your WordPress Dashboard and hover over “Users”, from here you can select “Add New”.

There are a few points to keep in mind when creating a new username for your website.

  • The Username to be used for logging into your site should not be “Admin” as this is the most commonly used in hacking attempts.
  • The role given to the user will dictate the emails and permissions that the user receives from the site. If they are an administrator they will be able to access everything and this permission should only be reserved for those that need it. Be sure to give the new user the correct role, giving them a role too high for their needs can be dangerous as they will be able to access more than needed and there could be intentional or unintentional damage. 
  • The email given here can be used to login and reset the password.
  • It is not necessary to fill out your real first and last names and these can be later used as your display name.
  • It is recommended to click “Show Password” and change the password generated by a password manager such as Master Password. This is a key piece of information that needs to be incredibly strong in order to help avoid the website getting hacked.

Once you have filled in the user details and assigned the correct user role the account can be created. It is recommended to send the account details to the user so they can log in through the link supplied to their email address.


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