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Joe Kraus was looking to put together all the information he had collected on his family history from his years of searching troves and archives. This included the relationships between the various family members, the records and the archives that have been collected over the years.

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The Challenge


Joe was looking for a website that would make his process of researching his interesting family history much easier.

The idea with the website is to also allow other family members to view the details collected, and to allow them to contribute if they have new information or wish to help out.

The website will be easy to update, easily editable, and will allow the family tree to be expanded as new discoveries and links are made. It is also necessary to be able to add information – written and visual into the archives as needed.

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The Approach


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Joe Kraus had already drawn up designs for how he wanted the site to look so the mock upstage of the project would not be needed.

WordPress would be used as the framework that all the content would be based around. The archive would be added as a series of buttons, galleries, and links, which would allow it to be easily updated and maintained.

The family tree would be constructed using the data pre-collected and the layout would be done using the Genealogical Tree Pro plugin.

The Launch


The HoldenGraber website was launched onto WPDesigns hosting and is live.
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Blue Print

Planning & Mockup

Web Design &Amp; Development


Website Hosting


The Outcome


  • Easy to update and make the changes needed
  • Can add to and expand the archive as needed with text, video, and files.
  • Custom-created WordPress theme for HoldenGraber.

The Review

What Joe Says...

Joe Kraus
Owner of the HoldenGraber Genealogy Website

Visit the HoldenGraber Website

Quote Josh is extraordinary. He understood what I was asking even when I couldn’t fully explain it myself. I was trying to design a website to provide a family history that extends to 10 generations and more than 1200 individuals. I did not have a model in mind for it, and I needed to figure out what I wanted even as we worked through the process. The result is everything I hoped for. I intend to develop it further with some of the maintain-it-yourself tools that Josh has shared, and I hope to hire him again when I am ready to expand it before long.

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