georiga fowkes

Georgia Fowkes prides herself in content creation for others, working as a creative director in varying projects and as a photographer in others. She is a skilled photographer who shoots not only by camera but also by drone.

There are many more aspects which were incorporated into the build of her site but it was key that it was clean but with some artistic flare. Also building the site around her previous works and showing her skills off to help gain new clients was a key element which led to the navigation menu layout and the design of the pages.

Collecting subscriptions and staying in touch with people plays a vital role in Georgia building her client base and with that she wanted to have a subscription pop up which allows the capture of names and email addresses. This pop up appears twice on the site, once on the initial load 10 seconds into the site and then again when the contact page is accessed. The popup was designed to be simple but memorable through the choice of picture and layout.