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The WordPress Admin Bar
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In this WPDesigns article, we will learn about the WordPress Admin Bar. When you’re on the front end of your WordPress blog or website, the WordPress Admin Bar is a shortcut area that helps you to enter the behind-the-scenes functions. When you log in to your WordPress account, you will see the Admin Bar that runs over the top of the page. 

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Overview of Admin Bar

The WordPress logo is located on the far left side of the WordPress Dashboard, when you hover your mouse over this badge, you’ll see links to WordPress-related resources. The name of your website appears to the right of the WordPress logo, when you hover over this, you’ll see a sub-menu with a connection to your website front end. This is how you can quickly move from the dashboard to the front end and can see your website. The next section is to update plugins and themes where you can get the notification of updates if you need to make any updates. By navigating to the update link it will allow you to get to the update overview easily. The next section provides a short cut for the comments, so you can see any new ones that have appeared on your website.

The + New link in the last segment to the left of the Admin Bar. When you hover your mouse over this connection, you’ll see a sub-menu that will immediately take you to the add new message, media, tab, and user screen. Each of these items can also be achieved from the dashboard’s left-hand navigation, but this connection is especially useful for completing a task quickly.

“Howdy, your name” is shown on the far right side of the keyboard, this can be changed but the default is Howdy. Hover your mouse over this segment to see the sub-menu for editing your profile or logging out.

Front End View of WordPress Admin Bar

The Admin Bar is available from the front end of your site by default only once you have signed in. to get to the front end from the dashboard you will need to hover over the name of your site and click Visit Site. The WordPress Admin Bar varies in how it looks depending on the plugins you have installed and whether you are looking at it from the front or back end.  The admin bar will also change depending on the level of access the user has been given and the role they have on the website.

When you hold the mouse over the title of your site, you’ll see links to the Dashboard, Themes and Menus.  As you move along the admin bar you will also find links to Customise, Comments, Widgets, New, and Edit Page. All of these options can be found on the WordPress dashboards left-hand navigation menu, but this is a great fast way to gain the same access.

How to Hide the Admin Bar From the WordPress Front End

While most users find the WordPress admin toolbar helpful, some users may choose to disable it from the site’s front end. Mind that you can only see the WordPress Admin Bar if you’re logged in to the account. Click the Edit my Profile link to turn off this view. You’ll now see a check box to Display Toolbar while Browsing Site on this screen. To turn off this view, uncheck the box, then skip to the bottom and press Update profile. The WordPress Admin Bar will no longer be available when you return to the front end of your site.

How to hide admin bar from front view in wordpress
Hide admin bar from front view in wordpress
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