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Jara Trading is a returning customer

Jara Trading Ltd is a UK-based company that owns several brands; Volilia, Green Thumbz, and eBake.  They operate throughout Europe and want a clean and simple website that will showcase the business to potential employees and inform other interested parties about the company and what they do. They also need to add any available job posts and allow people to get in contact with their Résumés and other relevant information.

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The Problem

Jake's Dilemma

The website will be a single page slider, allowing them to have everything they need on one single, easily navigable page. The menu bar will be sticky to facilitate this.

Find a way to present all the required information in an easily digestible and understandable format that does not look squished in or forced.

Allow the owners to easily maintain the site with minimum technical knowledge and input.

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The Solution

What WPDesigns Did

The site map is relatively simple compared to other projects – as it is one page, so the main focus of the sitemap was to decide on the layout and order of the page content.

With the skills of a graphics designer, the initial site mock-up was created from the sitemap and available content.

After the mock-up was finalized the live version of the site was created on a WPDesigns build domain.

Services included:

  • Brand Discovery
  • UX Design
  • Project Planning
  • Prototypes
  • Design System
  • Wireframes
  • User Interfaces
  • Responsive Web Design

The Launch


Jara Trading was launched and is hosted on the WPDesigns servers. The team behind Jara Trading is able to make any edits they need, keep the website up-to-date, and keep the site looking clean and running efficiently.
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Blue Print

Planning & Mockup

Web Design & Development


Website Hosting


The Result


  • Custom-created Themes to present their page in the style and format they required.
  • Easy to maintain, update, and change as needed.
  • Maintains a fast site speed on the WPDesigns VPS.
  • Allows visitors to contact when needed and present their Résumés for any available jobs.

The Review

What Jake Says...

Jara Trading Simple Logo
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Jake Balkin

Jara Trading


Patient, and easy to work with team.

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