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7 Cliched Logos and Why You Should Avoid Them

7 Cliched Logos and Why You Should Avoid Them
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What are the Cliched Logo Styles & Why Do They Get Reused?

What logos do you see every day? Many cliched logos? How about logos on your favorite cereal box or in the ads at the bottom of websites? You might not think logos are important, but they make a huge difference. That’s because logos identify products and companies, tell people what to expect, and set expectations for quality. They’re also one of the most valuable marketing tools available today.

A logo is often the first thing consumers notice when coming into contact with a company’s brand. What happens after that initial impression will depend largely on how well it was designed and executed! Luckily for us designers out there, we have plenty of examples to learn from before creating our own logos- so let’s take a look at some cliched logos and why you should avoid them.

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1) The Overused Swoosh

One of the most popular logos in the world is Nike’s Swoosh. It’s a great example of how a simple, well-executed design can be so successful. However, this doesn’t mean you should use it for your own logo! The Swoosh is included on so many logos, from juice to insurance companies. This has led to the Swoosh being called “the most overused logo of all time,” and it can be a warning sign that a company isn’t concerned with creating a unique brand for itself.

2) The Generic Compass

Compass logos are very popular these days. They are found in logos for companies in all different industries. The problem with this is if everyone starts using them, they lose their ability to represent anything specific. A compass represents direction and navigation, but not much else. It’s a generic symbol that will work for any kind of company or idea- there are no particular associations or emotions it brings to mind.

Generic Browser Clipart Icon 1

3) The Flat/Skeuomorphic Earth

There’s nothing wrong with representing the earth in logos, but logos like this often come across as unoriginal and uninspired. A flat vector representation of our world is more than enough to represent something global, worldly, or even directions on a map. It’s also extremely overused. If you want to use the earth in a logo, do something a bit more unique! Change perspective, show it from space, create an abstract shape that represents connectivity or unity—anything other than just drawing a flattened map of our planet.

4) The Water Drop

The water drop has been used as logos for everything from alcohol to car washes. It’s a very simple and natural symbol, which is why it’s so popular. However, it can also come across as juvenile or unprofessional. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated water-themed logo, try something with more detail or that incorporates movement.

The Water Drop
The 3D Globe

5) The 3D Globe

3D globes are popular logos for businesses and companies around the world. They’re exciting and dynamic, but unfortunately, they lose their effectiveness if every other company on earth starts using them! Variations on the same idea can help- a spinning globe, nested globes, or a 3D sphere with mountains or lines on it.

6) The Tree

This one is a bit of a stretch, but we couldn’t help noticing the number of logos with abstract trees in them these days! It’s an extremely common way to represent growth and development. For logos, this can come across as unoriginal and uninspiring. It also ties into the earth again- if everyone uses it, you strip it of any meaning it may have had. Try looking for other symbols that represent growth and evolution, like arrows or lightning bolts.

The Tree

7) The Generic Font

This one is a no-brainer. You should avoid using generic fonts in your logos! They look unprofessional and can be very difficult to read. A good logo should be instantly recognizable, and the best way to do that is by using a unique font. If you’re not sure what typeface to use, there are plenty of resources online (like this one!) to help you find the perfect fit for your brand.

Conclusion for Cliched Logos

Logos are often used to represent a company’s brand and values. However, logos can also be the most cliched element of all if they’re not designed with care or creativity. Many logos have been overused so much that it is now difficult for them to help convey anything specific about your business. Avoid these 7 logo design concepts at all costs.

When it comes to logos, less is definitely more. Using the logos above may be better for your wallet, but it’s not going to help you build an original brand that can grow with your business! If you find yourself thinking, “it seems like everyone else is using that logo too…” then chances are- they are. Don’t sacrifice creativity for the sake of following the trends. Use these tips to create a unique logo that represents your brand perfectly.

What are some other cliched logos you’ve seen lately?

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